Sara So Far (1984, The Netherlands) started singing and writing songs as a young child. As she grew up, songs kept coming and it became clear to her that music was to be her life. In 2004 Sara decided to study jazz singing and moved to Brussels to study with David Linx, acquiring a Master’s Degree in jazz.

For a good number of years Sara So Far has been performing and recording with several band formations and as a solo artist mainly in Belgium, The Netherlands and surrounding countries, while also being a passionate teacher (voice, piano and music in general). In 2016, she did a concert tour with fellow jazz-musicians in Taiwan and at the moment lives in Cyprus with her husband and three children, exploring the island jazz scene with Cyprus’ own great musicians. Last year 2018, Sara has started a collaboration with bassist Cahit Kutrafalı. They give concerts as a Bass & Voice duo, using live looping and improvisation.

“Wise yet unassuming, passionate but calm, perfect voice control and composition, ever so exquisite Sara So Far”

As a singer, Sara So Far is known for her warm voice, excellent ear and love for improvisation. Each concert is likely to be totally different from the next. As a composer, Sara touches her audience with depth and melodic creativity which form -combined with the harmonies of her piano playing and the groove of her band- an altogether refreshing and original sound. When performing solo, she seeks to get the most out of the piano, while occasionally leaving the keys aside to present some voice-only repertoire, turning to the ever-surprising art of live looping. For those few poets hidden in the audience there is always a lot to mull over, as Sara So Far is mad for poetry and seeks to write lyrics that have the music in them before they are heard.