Jazz For Your Occasion

Are you organising an event, a reception, a party or a wedding and would you like to put your own jazzband together? Sara So Far has worked together with many different musicians and has a large contact list to pick from. There are many possible formulas, besides the ones already mentioned in the other menus:

Solo: voice and piano
Duo: voice and guitar
Duo: voice and piano
Trio: voice, guitar and doublebass
Trio: voice, piano and doublebass
Quartet: voice, guitar, doublebass and drums
Quartet: voice, piano, doublebass and drums

Then to any of these formulas we can add for example a jazz-saxophoneplayer, a jazz-trumpetplayer or possibly a jazz-violinplayer. If you have other instruments in mind, just ask. There are lots of possibilities.

Fees are calculated according to the number of musicians and number of sets played. Additional fees may apply for traveling outside the city, and if the musicians have to provide their own sound equipment. To find out more, get in touch through this contact form, no strings attached.

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