Sara So Far – The Quartet

Since about 2004, Sara So Far has been giving concerts in band formation. Sara So Far has been playing together with three outstanding jazz musicians for a number of years. Each one of these guys has their own story with music, jazz in particular. They also have their own projects which are definitely worth exploring in the following pages. Not only are they performing artists, but also teachers. If you are interested in instrument lessons with any of these great guys, don’t hesitate to click on ‘Contact’ and ask for information.

Gonzalo Rodríguez Díaz was born in Sevilla, Spain. He started playing the guitar at age 14. Some years later, encouraged by the Belgian pianist Raphaël Debacker, he decided to study jazz guitar Read More

Joris Lindemans was born and raised in Brussels and started playing music at the age of eight. After nine years of classical guitar, he picked up the bass Read More

Didier Vanuytvanck started playing the drums at age eleven, after trying out the piano for two years. As a teenager he mostly enjoyed playing pop and rock, but around age sixteen he discovered jazz. Read More