Sara So Far (The Netherlands/Belgium) started singing and writing songs as a young child. As she grew up, songs kept coming and it became clear to her that music was to be her life. In 2004, Sara moved to Brussels to study with David Linx, acquiring a Master’s Degree in jazz singing and becoming a keen improviser. She followed masterclasses and courses in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands with singers such as Deborah Carter, Sheila Jordan, Gloria Cooper, Judy Niemack, Anette von Eichel, Fay Claassen, Sidsel Endresen and Cathrine Sadolin. 

For a good number of years Sara So Far performed and recorded with several band formations and as a solo artist mainly in Belgium, The Netherlands and surrounding countries, while also being a passionate teacher (voice, piano and music in general). In 2016 she moved to Cyprus with her husband and three children, where she performed at multiple venues around the island with Cyprus’ own great jazz musicians. In that same year, Sara did a concert tour with fellow jazz musicians in Taiwan. 

While living in Cyprus from 2016-2020, Sara collaborated with bassist Cahit Kutrafalı, performing as a Bass & Voice duo using live looping and improvisation, drawing from a rich repertoire of different genres. During this time, a passion for live looping grew and Sara started creating repertoire consisting of stacks of vocals, and challenging other musicians to join in and improvise over these instant circular music structures.

In 2020, Sara moved back to Brussels, Belgium with her family and continued to record the album that she had started working on in Cyprus, working around the whims of the pandemic that challenged many of us during that year and the next.

As a singer, Sara So Far is known for her warm voice, wide range and love for improvisation. Each concert is likely to be totally different from the next. As a composer, Sara touches her audience with depth and melodic creativity which form -combined with the harmonies of her piano playing and the groove of her band- an altogether refreshing and original sound. When performing solo, Sara lays down round harmonies on piano, the kind of chords that feel like a warm hug, while stepping out to stomp rhythmic vocal loops into her little red machine on the floor. Occasionally she grabs for the ukulele or the melodica, giving a twist to her own compositions or known repertoire from the likes of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Melody Gardot and Sting. 




For those few poets hidden in the audience there is always a lot to mull over, as Sara So Far is mad for poetry and seeks to write lyrics that have the music in them before they are heard. Her new album ‘Earth’ (October 2021) takes us on a far-reaching journey from climate change to roadtrip-poetry, from serenading brave refugees to lockdown-echoes, from harbour love&lost-ness to exploring a triangle relationship on the beat of tribal acapella rhythms.

It becomes the kind of music you drink like wine, take a sip, think about it, then some more. Sleep on it. Tell some friends about it. Listen again.

April 2022 sees the release of the new single ‘Keep On’, as well as its music video: stomp for GRIT, clap for COMMUNITY, shout for COURAGE.