To You
written by Sara So Far 
during lockdown in Cyprus, April 2020 

Over city parks where trees

are whispering solitude

Their leaves still full of children’s laughter

of these days and weeks gone by


Over empty sidewalks and cafes

Over stacked-up tables and chairs

Over pavement that speaks a thousand words

A million footsteps that still echo


Over stairs that hum the song

of sacred adaptation

Over rigid souls that melt

before the gift of time

Over gardens where acceptance grows

I’ll rise, to get to you, you, you, you


Over fields of yellow, fields of green

of life that must remain unseen

And roads that seem to stretch into

the outskirts of our minds


Over undulating hills and

over rivers that run dry

Over mountaintops of white

Over treetops through the night


Over seas that roll their waves

upon the broken land of man

Over depths of blue

where life surges on

Over soil awaiting seeds of hope

I’ll fly, to get to you, you, you, you


Over balconies where

flowers whither and voices bloom

And over roofs of plenty, roofs of hunger,

roofs of harmony and roofs of strife


Over roofs of sickness, roofs of health,

roofs of work, roofs of play

Over buildings that heave with toil

by brave, exhausted shoulders


Over hearts that beat

in spaced apart rhythms of longing

Over carpets worn by knees

that bend in supplication

With the birds who’ve claimed their space at last

I’ll fly, to get to you, you, you, you


©2020 Sara So Far