Written by Sara So Far

The leaves, I know I saw them crying

The trees, altogether sighing

And the ground breathed its last

after swallowing our past

On the day of your depart

I didn’t have the heart


To say the words lying on my tongue

to burst into a song about the place where you belong

Now it hurts to know that I was wrong

with blind eyes all along

I must keep holding on

to the knowledge that the sun is rising behind my back


My hands, I know I felt them trembling

my back, aching as it’s bending

And the twilight disappears

as an answer to my fears

Kills the hope without a sound

If I’d only turn around


To see a new day dawning

the trees together yawning

They urge me to awake

say the future is at stake

I hear a voice say ‘darling,

keep your heart from hardening

See the view that I can make,

the light is yours to take’

and I turned around and saw the sun rising behind my back

©2014 Sara So Far