Sara @ Sarah’s


A Friday night of European Jazz, with poetry that tastes of travel and groove that paints out new horizons. Jazz vocalist and composer Sara So Far (Netherlands/Belgium) joins hands with Cyprus’ best jazz musicians, weaving new melodies together with saxophone player Charis Ioannou, supported by a swinging rhythm section consisting of Ioannis Vafeas, Ermis Michail and Cahit Kutrafalı. Together they create an evening of intimate jazz that tells a story So Far unheard at Sarah’s Jazzclub, the place that has been the talk of the town since it opened its doors last May. 

A perfect night to forget everything and lose oneself in colourful harmonies, while joining this superb band’s conversation in the thrilling language that is Jazz. Not to be missed.

Book your seats by sms/call +357 95147711 or by email:


Sara So Far (vocals, compositions, piano)

Charis Ioannou (saxophone)

Ermis Michail (guitar)

Cahit Kutrafalı (bass)

Ioannis Vafeas (drums)

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